Catch Community Building Project in Leeds

The perfect choice for community builds

Modular construction methods come into their own for community building projects, creating purpose-designed, multi-use spaces that are energy efficient, less costly to build, quicker to complete and provide an energy efficient and sustainable option to house a wide range of community activities.

Modular construction puts no restraints on size and function. Features such as elevated ceilings, natural light, defined internal spaces and even washroom facilities can all be designed in, resulting in a multi-purpose building that is quicker and cheaper to erect than a traditional structure and minimises local disruption yet provides a high quality, permanent solution.

Delivered and commissioned

Every community building is different. At Enviro Building Solutions, we design your project working in close cooperation to establish the parameters for the project. Whilst the groundworks are in place, we’re completing the build at our factory, delivering it to site and commissioning with all services with the minimum of fuss.

If you need to expand in the future, that’s quick and easy too – you can add more floor space or even another storey to meet your needs.

  • Modular community buildings are quicker to build and cost less than traditional structures
  • They are designed to meet your individual requirements
  • Expansion in the future is quick and easy
  • They are designed for energy efficiency and sustainability

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