Garden pod office in wooded area

The beauty of an office pod

Working from home? Looking to create space to help your employees to work successfully from home? Or is your interest or hobby taking up too much room in your house? Modular Garden Pod Offices and contemporary garden rooms can create as oasis of space, the perfect work or leisure environment to encourage productivity and concentration.

Today, people are opting to work from home for a range of reasons. You may be looking to achieve the right work/life balance, to reduce the costs and stresses associated with the daily commute or to optimise environmental benefits.

Optimise your working space

Garden pods can be used to create a contemporary garden office, making the most of a given space, creating the right degree of separation from the home environment to reduce distractions and enhance productivity. Low maintenance, fully insulated home office pods provide you with a dedicated work or leisure space which can also be a great investment and a valuable addition to your home.

  • Create a separate, dedicated work or leisure space
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – less travel, less fuel, no parking charges
  • No need to pay rental charges on additional premises
  • Subject to a feasibility study, home office pods can be provided with all necessary services connection
  • Certain heights, sizes and spaces can be specified which may not need planning permission or be subject to building control regulations