Craigie Hotel bar retail modular building

The modular shopping experience

Retail modular buildings are now used increasingly to expand and diversify retail spaces, and are of particular use on restricted sites with limited access. Modular retail solutions provide a fast track, cost effective solution for applications including property refurbishment and business expansion, creating a high quality shopping environment with unlimited design and branding options.

Giving the flexibility to meet changing retail trends, modular buildings are increasingly used for applications such as cafes, pharmacies, annexes to existing buildings, storage and welfare facilities.

Performance and versatility

Featuring high quality finishes to meet retail expectations, these versatile structures are suitable for both large and small scale projects, with off-site construction providing added speed to completion and reduced disruption on site for shorter periods than traditional construction methods.

  • Sustainable, energy efficient, cost effective
  • Can be supplied fully fitted with counters, secure areas, branded exteriors and communications
  • Low risk expansion option