Modular welfare facilities

Creating quality welfare facilities

Modular building construction is the perfect choice for temporary or permanent site accommodation, housing high quality facilities of any size to provide staff canteens, restaurants, washrooms, changing facilities and even meeting rooms and offices.

Modular welfare facilities are flexible and can be easily adapted over time to suit developing requirements, or even moved to other sites. Fast track build programmes mean minimal disruption on site and quick access to necessary facilities, creating spacious, comfortable and energy-efficient portable accommodation.

Sustainable and energy efficient

Enviro Building Solutions offer bespoke buildings to match individual requirements such as accommodation for long term construction projects. These high quality, sustainable, energy efficient buildings can be designed as single or multi storey structures to match space on more restricted sites.

Modular welfare facilities are:

  • High quality structures built to last
  • Energy efficient, sustainable
  • Bespoke to individual requirements
  • Quick to install and cost efficient