Children busy working in the classroom at St Stephens

Supporting SEN in the Classroom Environment

Current government statistics record that over 14% of pupils in education in the UK today have some requirements in terms of special educational needs. These will vary in terms of level and detail but will give rise to practical issues and concerns impacting on day to day learning. Supporting SEN in the classroom is a challenge for every educational establishment, focused around appropriate teaching strategies for SEN pupils.

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Steel work and panels of a modular building during construction

Your Essential Guide to Offsite Construction in 2021

Offsite construction is seen by many as a vital element in the future development of the construction industry. When time and money is of the essence, offsite techniques offer a number of significant advantages over more traditional building methods. They are far less subject to the vagaries of the British weather. This helps to ensure projects are completed on time and to schedule. Continue reading “Your Essential Guide to Offsite Construction in 2021”